Our Checklist
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                                Official Check List

_____        Cleaned from top to bottom in every room. _______-Number of ceiling fans cleaned.        
_____        I used non-scratch sponges only.  On granite or marble I only used soap and water.
Bathrooms:  (check off each bathroom in the house)
_____        _____        Shower-           cleaned and dried, shined the faucet, handles, and spray nozzle                        
_____        _____        Sinks-                cleaned and completely dried, shined the faucet, handles, closed the drain-stop
_____        _____        Counter-          cleaned underneath everything on the counter
_____        _____        Soap-dish        cleaned and dried
_____        _____        Toilet-             cleaned inside and out
_____        _____        Mirror             cleaned and shined thoroughly, viewed it from several angles
_____        _____        Baseboards      cleaned
_____        _____        Floor-              swept/vacuumed, cleaned with a sponge or towel and spray- cleaner
_____        _____        Door/Cabinet Doors-     cleaned
Bedrooms/Foyer/Hallways/Dining Room/Living Room/Family Room:
_____      Dusted, vacuumed, mopped.
____        Vacuumed-carpet and floors, carpet edges, moved and vacuumed under lightweight furniture.
_____        I NEVER TOUCH Plasma TV screens or LCD laptop screens.  I NEVER TOUCH oil paintings.
_____        I only feather dusted the frame of the Plasma TV or frame of the oil painting.
_____        I used no chemicals or sprays or furniture polish on our dusting cloths, only water.
_____        Dusted top to bottom-light fixtures, vents, ceiling fans, switch-plates, window-ledges walls & baseboards.
_____        Did not slide objects across the furniture, avoided scratching.
_____        Dusted and cleaned all mini-blinds- top to bottom and front and back.
_____        Dusted all furniture, knick-knacks, phones, ledges, banisters, plants, TVs, computers, and frames.
_____        Cleaned cobwebs and vacuumed pet fur off the furniture.
____        Cleaned fingerprints and marks on the walls, doors, and switch-plates. Cleaned the baseboards.
____        Cleaned inside glass doors, inside windows, or inside sliding glass doors.
Kitchen:              (Use the client’s products in their home if requested)
____        Fridge- cleaned front, handles, and top (what’s in reach).
____        Stove-vent, range-top, and front oven door (underneath the stove-vent is not expected-that’s Spring Clean).  
____        Microwave-cleaned inside and out.        
____        Appliances-wiped down outside.
____        Counters-        cleaned underneath everything on the counters.
____        Cabinet-doors- fingerprints, and marks cleaned.
____        Sinks-cleaned and dried.
____        Splash-plates and kitchen walls-cleaned splatters and marks on the walls.
____        Kitchen furniture, dining table and chairs-bottom of the chair legs, all cleaned.
____        Baseboards cleaned by sponge and/or vacuuming.
____        Checked wood floors & tile floors for any dried-up spills and sponge cleaned; then thoroughly mopped.
____        Floors- vacuumed/swept and mopped.
____        Vacuumed last, after all counters and dusting had been done.
Laundry Room:
____        Cleaned Washer/Dryer –front, top, exposed sides cleaned.
____        Cleaned top and front of counters cleaned.
____        Cleaned floors.  
____        I collected all trashcans throughout the house and disposed of trash.
____        I understand I can leave a note for the client about anything out of the ordinary or in question.
____        I understand I place thorough cleaning above all else, even if it takes longer than expected and         
requires  rescheduling the following clients to ensure the house is thoroughly cleaned.
____        I am open to hearing client’s feedback for improvement.  

_____        I took a final walk through to clean anything that may have been missed and admired the clean home.
(It is always Required to do the final walk through, check off the checklist, and leave the checklist with the client).
Cleaner’s initials______________

Note: Clients please note that sometimes kids, pets, guests, and others can track through the house
during the clean or right after effecting the clean right away, please take that into account.
Please contact our office immediately if anything was missed.  We offer a free 24-hour re-clean.