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Note: This is meant to be educational as well as entertaining. You may want to print out a copy
as you may find you want to read it over and over.
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Today, there are three main models that are used to explain the body's energy:

ancient Indian system. This model is comprised of chakras (Sanskrit for spinning wheels of
energy); there are seven major chakras positioned down the mid-line of the body from the top
crown chakra at the head, to the root chakra at the base of the spine and also minor chakras
located around the body,

ancient Chinese system. This is the model made of meridians (rivers of energy) throughout
the body; there are twelve main meridians with many minor branches, and eight vessels that may
be considered as energy reservoirs.

modern Western model. Examples of Western models include Kinesiology and Polarity

The Holistic Therapies either originated in the East (these include Acupuncture, Acupressure,
Reiki, and Ayurveda), or were developed in the West from Eastern concepts of the body's
Science and medicine refer to health as being dependent upon the balance of body chemistry and
the functioning of physical structures. However, attempts to treat illnesses and imbalances
chemically through prescription medicine often leads to unwanted side effects or the body
becoming insensitive to the chemicals. This fact has led many physicians and health professionals
to look beyond conventional drug-based therapies to the field of energy medicine. It is necessary
for everyone to notice that the majority of prescription pills are temporary symptom control, have
detrimental side effects, and never explore the original trauma or core issue.

I know many elderly people who have a daily pill-box filled with several pills. Often they don't
understand what the pills do or why they need to take them other than the "Dr. says so". This
leaves people in a state of dependence and immobilized in the belief that they have no power to
change it; causing a state of helplessness. Holistic Therapies focus on empowering individuals by
engaging them in their healing process. It teaches them to become an active participant in
understanding their bodies ways of communicating.