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What is Reiki?

"Rei" "Ki" -- The Kanji (Japanese alphabet) translation for Rei is "universal" and Ki is "life energy". This Universal Life Energy is guided by a higher intelligence. Reiki is brought through the practitioner and transferred to the client via a light touch. Often called "hands on" work, Light-work, or Energywork. Reiki has no religious affiliation, it simply is Universal Life Energy that heals for the good of all.

What are Reiki sessions like?

A Traditional Reiki Treatment consists of 12 specific hand positions over the front and back of the client, lightly touching the skin, and channeling the Universal Life Energy through the client. Power symbols are Japanese Characters that the Reiki Practicioner is attuned to and uses during sessions. These Power symbols are activated by the Reiki Practioner, opening a channel to bring forth a specific healing frequency. These healing power symbols heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The power symbols are passed from a Certified Reiki Master to the student; called an attunement. An attunement is a transmission of energy through ritual from Reiki Master to the Reiki pupil.

How is Reiki beneficial?

Reiki strengthens your desire to be good to yourself. It helps you see that you truly deserve to be treated well. It releases any self-defeating beliefs and allows room for gentleness and compassion. It helps stop self-judgment. Much of our society has promoted a punitive mentality. This way of thinking is absolutely unnecessary and it creates a negative feedback loop that keeps us internally trapped in an idea that we deserve to be treated badly. It's time to simply acknowledge past choices, recognize their results, learn the lesson beneath the experience, and forgive ourselves and others involved. Shame and it's crippling effect can be released

What does Reiki treat?

Digestive Disorder, Arthritis, Restlessness, Back Pain, Pulled Muscles, Depression, Migraines, Feminine Health Issues, Inner Child Healing, Infertility Issues, Anxiety, Nervousness, Sleeping Disorders, Addictions

How many sessions do you recommend for a person?

The initial clearing of the negative energy takes 3 separate hour treatments. Then your real healing can start to occur. If you have chronic pain, it will often take a series of treatments to heal it because it is so embedded into the physical body, it takes some time to bring it back into balance. This is determined on an individual basis. Some clients come once a week for maintenance. Other clients come when they need to. Still other clients are unraveling patterns of Chronic pain issues so they choose to come more often. It's important to understand that healing a chronic illness can result in a stage called Physical Chemicalization, when the client experiences the symptoms of the illness more intensely than ever before. The symptoms are a good sign of the final release of the toxins and it may be necessary to have additional treatments to rapidlyrelease the core toxins of the illness. They have come to the surface, and need to be released.

You can do Reiki and Divine White Light Healing on animals too, how does that work?

Animal's bodies are molecularly the same as human bodies. Reiki and White Light Healing heals their mental activity, physical bodies, and emotional states. Animals typically relax into the soothing quality of the healing energy almost immediately. They love the calming effect of it as much as we do. I place my hands on the animal's body and spend more time in places that the animal is experiencing problems. I often receive intuitions or guidance that will help assist in it's healing process, such as the need for it to have supplemental herbs, pet massage, or acupuncture for instance.

What if someone is skeptical, can it still work?

Yes. In fact I was skeptical the first time I experienced Reiki. Then I felt very tangible physical effects occurring in my body, mind, and spirit. I felt deep relaxation, tingling sensations, a slowing of my mind-racing, heat, release of pain, and clarity. After the hour, I stepped away no longer a skeptic. Some things you simply must experience in order to truly know. I have countless feedback from people that I have sent distant healings to saying how tangible the feeling of the healing was, often as if I were in the room with them. They felt the energy pulling out of their body, or strong waves of heat, or a lightening of a burden from their head or shoulders, very tangible.

What is Divine White Light Healing?

White light is the space within the universe where positive energies are stored. White light can be called upon by anyone; healers, empaths, or you too for protection from negative energies or vibrations. White light cannot come to harm or be harmed in anyway. For this reason, negative energies can be sent to the white light for purification and transformation. For example, after cleaning your aura, you can request that the impurities you combed out of your auric field be sent to the white light for cleansing.

I received powerful initiations from three different healers and guidance in meditation from my spiritual guides and the Divine to offer a deeply devoted healing to remove negative energy block from people's energyfields. My healing gift has always been to guide people to the core of any issue to heal it at the causal level. I've been divinely guided and now energy attuned to take this gift and offer a tailored 3-part healing to remove the causal energy block.

I call on my higher self, call on your higher self, create a one-way channel of energy, and receive guided questions from the Divine to help you delve to the answers within. This allows me to guide you to the core of any issue using talk therapy and energy healing, then completely dissolve it with the white light. We delve to the core and remove the energy block associated with the imbalance or "dis" ease. Many teachings in the bible speak of the Archangels and Jesus Christ removing negative energies from people in healings. The Divine has guided me to perform these healings for people and animals, to transform their lives.

I've been through initiations and learned that a negative energy is within the energy field of about 95% of us (people and animals) on the planet. With the Divine White Light Healing, which is infinite healing power given directly from the Universe channeled through me, I am now able to remove the energy block. I transmute the energy and drop it into the earth to be recycled; Mother Earth then can recycle the energy into a positive light for the highest good of all.

The Healing energy is much like Reiki, very soothing, relaxing, and gentle, but more powerfully directed with the intention of removing a block and understanding the core issue. Cognitively engaging the healing by delving within for your answers while simultaneously shifting the energy is a deeply profound healing process. The shift to health is felt on all levels of your being. It has a direct intention of Spiritual Healing. It combines talk therapy and powerful energy healing. I'm honored to have had this Healing Power bestowed to me. My unique style of healing is not replicated in that I have listened specifically to my inner guidance to develop this style of Spiritual Healing, guided by the Divine. An amazing honor that is not able to capture in words.

What is Divine Light healing?

The Divine Light Healings focuses on removing any negative energy block from your energyfield. Many people and animals sense this block effecting them, sometimes it is physical, other times mental or emotional blocks. I assist to remove it from ones energyfield and dispose of it into the earth using combined talk therapy and energy healing. The healing's quite profound in my life personally and in my client's lives, often described as "life changing", "unbelievable", and "I now have bold confidence to walk my spiritual path". We are bringing you back intoalignment with your true self; true health.

Does Reiki or Divine White Light Healing hurt?

No it doesn't hurt and there are no side effects either. There may be some release of toxins that occur after a treatment that can be like cold or symptoms as your body processes out denser energies or toxins.

Is it like "getting into my head"?

No. Reiki and Divine White Light Healing always works for the highest good of all. A Reiki Practitioner or Energy Healer must have your permission before doing Reiki or a healing on you. Universal Law states no one has the right to interfere with free will. That is what gives prayer its power, you are asking for the help so God, Angels, Archangels, your ancestors or whomever you call on to help is then given permission and can move mountains to help you achieve your prayer requests.

How does a long distance healing work?

In level two Reiki, one receives the attunement for the long distance symbol. This Power symbol allows the Reiki Healer to contact and send Reiki to any individual around the world. This Power symbol connects the Reiki Therapist's energyfield with that of the client no matter what the distance. Then the Reiki Therapist can send Reiki to the client. Sometimes a stuffed animal or a pillow is used to represent the client's body for the therapist to place hands during the course of the hour treatment

Will you cure me in one session?

It's important to understand that Holistic bodywork is like peeling away layers of an artichoke, eventually you will get to the heart. Working through the layers allows you time to digest and integrate the changes that occur. Even if I were powerful enough to cure you in one session you may not be capable of integrating that change therefore you might energetically "kick out the healing" or reject the healing. The changes must occur at the pace that is right for you; a pace that you can integrate the changes into who you believe you are. This is the way true healing and balance occurs.

How does the Reiki affect an unborn child in utero?

The baby as well as the mother will experience the positive effects of Reiki and the aura is filled with the loving energy and raises the vibration of the mother and the child leaveing both in a higher state of health. Generally, it is very gentle, soothing, relaxing, and peaceful for both. Of course if the mother is dealing with emotionally charged issues, the child will feel those. The Reiki helps her resolve those issues and creates more peace for the child.

What is an Attunement?

During the attunement process, the aura of the Master and student are joined. During the few moments that the auras merge the Reiki guides use the energy to lift negative karma from the person receiving the attunement and the Reiki degree. The teacher doing the process receives what is released through her own aura and grounds it; she is usually totally unaware of this. The Raku at the ending of the attunement separates the auras.

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