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How did you learn Reiki?
My Reiki Masters are Martin Adler, founder of Inner Self Discovery Tranining, and Lisa Guyman,
founder of Inner Sanctum. Martin and Lisa are both great mentors.

How did you become a Divine White Light Healer?
I received three Healer Initiations, and  received guidance in meditation from my Angels and the
Divine to offer healings using the Divine White Light to those needing powerful energy block removal
healings.  I'm honored to channel this powerful Divine Healing Energy and help transmute the energy
block freeing the person to live in more harmony and joy. With the Divine White Light Healing, which
is infinite healing power directed from the Universe to the client, I am able to help remove a negative
energy  from your energyfield.

I ask you to set an intention for the healing, I call on my higher self and connect to your higher self,
then receive guided questions to lead you to the core of any imbalance or health issue.  
Understanding and healing the root of any issue is the key to transformative healing. The combined
talk therapy delving to any core issue while also releasing the energy block is a very powerful and
transformative experience.  The Healing experience is much like Reiki, very soothing, relaxing, and
gentle, but much more powerful.  It encourages delving within for your answers and integrating your
inner truth with guidance and support. This Healing Power is initiated by the Divine, I am the channel,
I often call on the guidance of Christ Holy Spirit, the Archangels, and your personal guides or healing
ancestors to assist in the energy block removal and get their assistance in dissolving it completely until
it's transmuted and recycled into the earth. This healing, like Reiki is just as effective in a distance
treatment as well. This healing is an amazing honor that is not able to capture in words.

How can you channel people's negative energy all day long?
Choosing to be a Healer required me to make some lifestyle changes. It has required that I be
healthy and in balance in order to help others achieve health. I have learned techniques to ensure I
don't take on other's energy. I always do Energy Hookups before I do healings. Energy Hookups
are a series of polarity techniques that align my energy with the energy of the earth. Ideally we would
all be aligned energetically with the earth. I drop energy roots down to the center of the earth to
ensure I am fully grounded. I also have an energy cord running from my root chakra into the earth to
ensure I am fully grounded. I do an opening ritual and closing ritual at the beginning and ending of
every session. I separate my energyfield from the client's after each session and bring a white light
through my energyfield for a final clearing. (I teach all these techniques in my Reiki Classes). Before I
do a Divine White Light Healing, I also use The Sacred Medicine Wheel to allign with the Divine and
the Earth and call in the archangles of the 4 directions. I also call on my higher self and the higher self
of my client to communicate any intuitions or guidance.

Does Reiki or Divine White Light Healing hurt?
No it doesn't hurt and there are no side effects either. There may be some release of toxins that
occur after a treatment that can be like cold or  symptoms as your body processes out denser
energies or toxins.

Do you touch the body or hold your hands above the body?
It includes both, sometimes I am working in the aura, other times I apply light touch. It may include
applied pressure combined with the energy exchange. There also may be times that I bring my hands
away from the physical body to mend a part of one's energy field, but most of the Reiki sessions are
hands-on. Most of the Divine Light Sessions beaming the energy toward your higher self which
directs where the healing energy goes in your body. Sometimes it is important for me to be outside of
your energyfield while we release dense energies, so I step back and hold the space while the energy
drops into the earth.

Where does the name gatekeeper come from?
The name of my business, Gatekeeper Healing, was inspired by teachings from Sabonfu Some, a
West African tribal woman. Sabonfu teaches that all babies born into the tribe are seen as having a
gift, this gift makes up an aspect of the tribal community and is necessary for the tribe to survive and
stay in harmony. The Gatekeepers, a highly respected title given to those whom are the homosexuals
of the tribe, are similar to Shamans. Gatekeepers and Shamans have the gift of accessing other levels
of reality and bringing information back to guide us on this earthly journey. Gatekeepers are those
whom are capable of tapping into levels of reality that Shamans are even unable to; gatekeepers have
contact with all levels of reality.
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