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I will give you a general understanding of how a Healing benefits you, examples of dis-eases and
issues Reiki can help heal, and what you can expect when arriving for a session.

My therapy practice includes two forms of Hands-On Energywork:

A Traditional Reiki Treatment consists of 12 specific hand positions over the front and back of the
client, lightly touching the skin, and channeling the Universal Life Energy through the client. Power
symbols are Japanese Characters that the Reiki Practicioner is attuned to and uses during sessions.
These Power symbols are activated by the Reiki Practioner, opening a channel to bring forth a
specific healing frequency. These healing power symbols heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and
spiritually. The power symbols are passed from a Certified Reiki Master to the student; called an
attunement. An attunement is a transmission of energy through ritual from Reiki Master to the Reiki

Divine White Light Healing The Healing is to target an energy block in one's energyfield and dispose
of it into the earth to be recycled, combining talk therapy and energy healing. The Divine White Light
Energy is very powerful and the block is removed within 3 hour treatments. Sometimes it goes over
the hour, I simply wait until the energy comes to a natural still-point and on the third and final session,
there is a completion of the removal. I have you set an intention at the beginning and I receive
guidance from your higher self to lead you to your healing answers within.  Throughout the healings
we focus on finding the answers to your health from within, honoring your bodies wisdom. The
healings remove the block, delve for core answers, and combine talk therapy and energy healing for
a very powerful form of Spiritual healing.  After this is complete I step back and view the whole aura
to fill it with divine white light, strengthen the field, and ensure there are no holes in the auric field.  
The healing session directs this powerful Light-Energy to target any issue that may be bothering you,
emotionally, physically, or mentally, sometimes sustained pressure is applied to target muscle fibers,
fascia, internal organs,bones or other areas that are needing the energy. I follow the divine guidance
and honor your bodies wisdom for the healing.

Reiki Healing based on Dr. Mikaomi Usui’s
Divine White Light Healing Techniques, gleaned from
Buddhist teachings as found in Tibetan Sutras.

  • Understand and release trauma
  • Restore healthy emotions
  • Permanently transform core issues
  • Create balance in your nervous system
  • Release mental, emotional, and physical stress
  • Understand your relationship with food
  • Feel clear, focused, grounded, and empowered
  • Reduce pain and side effects of drug therapy after
    surgery or chemotherapy
Treatment Of:
Digestive Disorders
Back Pain
Pulled Muscles
Feminine Health Issues
Inner Child Healing
Infertility Issues
Sleeping Disorders
I will help you heal with knowledge and integration: