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Long Distance Healing
I have many clients who prefer to have me do a long distance Reiki session on them or on their pet.
Most of these clients live in another state, some simply have very busy schedules and find it more
convenient. The way a long distance session is done is the client and I arrange for a time that works
for both our schedules. At this time I use an inanimate object to represent the body of the client
(which could be a pet), and use a Reiki Power Symbol that allows me to connect in with the client's
energyfield (much like a cell phone rings into another phone across the world). I can then lay on hands
in the same way I would if the person were in the room with me. I feel the energy exchange in the
same way, I receive intuitive information in the same way, and the client receives the Reiki benefits in
the same way. Sometimes the client and I determine beforehand that I will call and give them
feedback during or after the session.

Energywork is good
All bodywork at the hands of a skilled practitioner is good. There are many different types of
bodywork and they can be viewed as covering the continuum from subtle energies to the physical
structure of the body. How does one determine which bodywork to get? This is a difficult question to
answer. I wish there were a flip-chart in every household to help determine that answer. It is
important that you go to bodyworkers that you feel safe with, you trust has your highest good in mind,
and you know will refer you to another specialized bodyworker that can meet your needs. A unique
aspect that brings many people to Reiki is that it will benefit anything with a mental, emotional, or
spiritual component. Reiki always heals the core of the problem. Reiki will help anything described as
congested, stuck, tense, blocked, anxious, depressed, heavy, tired, or undiagnosable.

Reiki strengthens your desire to be good to yourself. It helps you see that you truly deserve to be
treated well. It releases any self-defeating beliefs and allows room for gentleness and compassion. It
helps stop self-judgment. Much of our society has promoted a punitive mentality. This way of thinking
is absolutely unnecessary and it creates a negative feedback loop that keeps us internally trapped in
an idea that we deserve to be treated badly. It's time to simply acknowledge past choices, recognize
their results, learn the lesson beneath the experience, and forgive ourselves and others involved.
Shame and it's crippling effect can be released.