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The Reiki touch is slow, gentle, and often very warm. Reiki opens a two-way channel. Your body
will draw in calm, soothing, relaxing, and harmonizing energy. Your body will also release any
energy that does not serve you any longer such as stress, trauma, tension, or congestion.
I've learned that some problems have layers to work through. Sometimes the way you're thinking
effects the problem, the feelings you experience effects the problem, and also a physical change
needs to be made. It is a process of bringing patience and curiosity to the problem with diligence. I
believe we all know when there is something out of balance in our lives. It is possible to stop at this
moment, note that there is something out of balance and identify what resource either internally or
externally will bring you back into balance. You can scan across all aspects of your life and note
where the negative feelings come up. This is the indication that these are the areas that you will
continue to have lessons or life experiences that will arise for you to have an opportunity to learn
the balance. It's possible to learn to have a perspective of life experiences as lessons to help us
learn certain things. I help my clients shift their perspective to see their problems as workable, even
as an opportunity. Sometimes healing is a matter of changing perspective, working through the
layers with diligence, and learning what resources are available to you.
I am interested in teaching you what your resources are. This includes internal resources and
external resources that can be used to maintain your health. Some resources will be referrals for
other health care providers. I will help you learn to recognize when you are out of balance, simply
bring curiosity to it without judgment, and choose the choice that creates balance. You have the
power to heal yourself, sometimes it is simply necessary to be more aware of your body in order to
do so.
Some key points to health include understanding trauma, it's influence on your body, and how to
release it. Other keys are cultivating body awareness, a desire to make the healthy choice, patience
in working through the layers, and recognizing the power of influence your perception has on your
health (conscious and unconscious).
My therapy practice is professional, focuses on the mind-body connection, and searches for the
core of any problem. I am empathetic, lighthearted, and compassionate toward my clients. I want
to help you feel good in your body and comfortable in your own skin. My commitment is to do my
best to stay in balance and create a safe environment to provide the best health care I am capable
of offering.