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Science of Reiki (Energy Medicine) Science of Reiki (Energy Medicine)

Science and medicine refer to health as being dependent upon the balance of body chemistry and 
the functioning of physical structures. However, attempts to treat illnesses and imbalances 
chemically through prescription medicine often leads to unwanted side effects or the body 
becoming insensitive to the chemicals. This fact has led many physicians and health professionals 
to look beyond conventional drug-based therapies to the field of energy medicine. It is necessary 
for everyone to notice that the majority of prescription pills are temporary symptom control, have 
detrimental side effects, and never explore the original trauma or core issue.


A large percentage of our culture only knows prescription medicine to be the answer to many 
health problems. Holistic Practitioners, including myself, are diligently educating the masses that 
there are other alternatives. Sometimes it is necessary to go on medication for temporary control of 
a problem. In order to truly heal the problem it is important to address the core of the problem and 
not buy into the belief that you have no other choice but to be dependent on a pill to chemically
alter you for the rest of your life. Most people prefer not to be dependent on a drug or experience 
their detrimental side effects. They desire to bring their body back into it's natural balance. This is 
where Holistic Therapy will assist.


Only recently have depression and anxiety been validated by the medical community as having a 
true physiological component, a chemical imbalance.  The chemical imbalance is being identified 
and addressed instead of being called "crazy" or told "it is "only in your head.”  The years of denial 
has often resulted in people carrying a sense of shame associated with antidepressants or 
anti-anxiety drugs.  Our generation is caught in the struggle of validating the reality of these 
disorders.  The struggle for these people is two-fold, they must release the associated shame and 
must find a way beyond simple prescription dependency.  Prescription medicine will never address 
the core of the problem, help you find what resources you have, and give you the knowledge and 
empowerment needed to overcome an imbalance the way Reiki does. Holistic Therpies actively 
engages you in the healing process, giving you the power to bring your body into balance.


When examining a client, a good Holistic Therapist will not just look at symptoms but will question 
the causes.  This might involve considering the client's lifestyle, diet, relationships, and occupation. 
Recurrent pain could be triggered by physical, environmental, nutritional, mental, spiritual, or 
emotional stress, and it may be necessary to treat every aspect of the person to bring about a 
lasting cure.  Both the symptoms and the original trauma need to be addressed.


Channeling the Universal Life Energy in and out of one's body can heal a problem because the entire universe including the physical body is made of energy. All the processes of the body, chemical, physical, or emotional occur by energy impulses.  When you look closely at matter, it is clear that we are all intricate energy systems.

Matter has mass and takes up space.  Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter, (and cannot be chemically subdivided by ordinary means).  Atoms are composed of three type of particles: electrons, protons,  and neutrons.  Both the protons and neutrons reside in the nucleus.  Protons and neutrons are responsible for the most of the atomic mass.  Protons have a positive (+) charge, neutrons have no charge--they are neutral.  And electrons which reside in orbitals around the nucleus have a negative charge (-).  The number of protons in an element is constant but neutron number may vary, so mass number may vary.  The movement and mass of the atom  determines a  frequency of energy. The Universe as well as our physical bodies are made of various energies from very subtle and undetectable, to very dense physical forms.


Atoms make up the cells of the body.
The cell is the basic structure of all body systems, organs, and tissues.
The cells move because of the atoms. 
The body moves because of the cells.

The bodies energy is transmitted by electrical impulses through all body parts like the organs, muscles, nerves, body fluids, etc. 

Muscles contract because their cells contract.  All the muscles of the body get signals in form of electric impulses and thereby mechanical motion is generated in that limb. The liver produces its important enzymes in its cells, and endocrine glands manufacture their hormones in endocrine cells.  The body is a highly intelligent network of energy impulses.

Nerves transmit impulses when their nerve cells are sparked into action. The Nervous System is a
network of impulses through motor and sensory nerves. It is a versatile communication system which 
connects all cells, tissues, and organs with each other and the brain. All the nervous signals constitute 
electric current impulses generated in the nervous system produced and carried on by the ions. The 
nerve, sometimes called the fine-transmission line can carry the impulse at the speed of about 100 
meters per second. The body fluids contain numerous ions like Sodium, Potassium, Phosphoric, and 
Chloride. The motion of body fluids then means motion of these ions which means electric current is 
present due to the motion of these ions.

The organs of the human body perform specialized functions allotted to them and in strict accordance 
with the laws of the nature. All these organs produce magnetic fields which vary in the intensity and 
the type of activity. These magnetic fields are now known to be produced by different organs of the 
body by electric currents due to Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride ions generated in the process of
contraction or signal transmission of the tissues. Many Medical Doctors utilize machines that measure 
these magnetic fields. The heart produces electrical impulses which are measured in the electro-
encephalogram (EEG) or in the electro-cardiograph (ECG) for assessing the proper functioning of the 
heart and blood vessels.


Memory of experiences are in the body
Our entire existence is a process of filtering every experience through our 
body.  Take a moment to think about it.  Life experience occurs because of 
our body.  All sounds are experienced through our ears, tastes through our 
mouth, sight through our eyes.  Each life experience filters through us like 
we are a colander and is interpreted by the individual perspective and 
state we are in in the moment.  Our state therefore is truly what determines 
our perspective of the world.  The filter (body), processing, and 
interpretation determines our response to any experience.  You can see 
the importance of ensuring the filter (body) is in the best state possible in 
order for the view of the world and our response to it is healthy.

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