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Sharing Thoughts Part 1 Sharing Thoughts Part 1

I found myself thinking about how my
mom would react if I told her “I won $1 million dollars!” I see
her light up, and she pours forward pure innocence of heart excited joy for
me. She takes my cheeks in her hands and gently kisses me, and does
her cute little unique happy dance with her arms raised in the air
and kinda squeals for me, I hear her start suggesting all the
wonderful things I could get for myself, opportunities and adventures
we could go on together, the gifts, the cars, the houses I could buy.

Then I wondered how her reaction would
be different if I told her I earned
$1 million dollars. I immediately imagine the tone deepens and there
is a sincere quality of respect and humble acknowledgment of the
grit it takes to take on, accomplish, and master such a task.

Then I wondered how her reaction would
vary if I told her I attracted $1 million dollars by understanding
and applying the Universal Law of Attraction. And I immediately
noticed the relief this thought gave me personally. It took the
pressure off my shoulders comparative to thinking of earning $1
million dollars. And I noticed two tears roll down my cheek. I
thought of my mom holding me in a tight momma bear hug.

I've always felt since I was a young
girl that I would live a rags to riches life. Do any of you remember
the series that was on in the 80's, called “Rags to Riches?”
Great sitcom, my twin brother and I loved watching it every week. It
was a group of orphaned kids that get taken in by a very rich and
kind man. It was a very touching and uplifting sitcom.

This deep intuitive feeling of living the rags to riches life has always
been underneath all the daily grinding out concerns about money and
releasing the old poverty mentality that influenced me growing up.
I've built two businesses from scratch to success. (Rheana Shine
Housecleaning and Gatekeeper Healing). :) I'm very proud of them,
they are like my two children since I have never had kids I have put
the same level of time and energy into them as I would've had they
been my children. Over the past 13 years as an entrepreneur I have
had experiences and time influence and imprint some formed beliefs
such as that earning money was better than winning the money in a lottery.
I think this is one belief worth letting go of. It's important for me to
identify the old beliefs that hinder my ability to let in or attract
the money to me. I have noticed several ways this past month that I
didn't let money in. It was the oddest thing to witness a client
practically pushing money into my hands several times and I turned it down. Odd
yet very important for me to recognize. I have been trying to do the
vibrational work of aligning my energy with the image of being rich.
Each time I visualize it or I watch episodes like the Most Expensive
Homes on Cribs (showing $150 million dollar homes). I get an
assessment or reflection of any limiting thoughts I have about me
standing in that home owners shoes. It's important to release any
resentments for not already being in those shoes. It's important that
I extend full appreciation and admiration of those whom are
successful and rich. It's this kinda vibrationally stepping into
their shoes and seeing how I feel about living that, it's this kinda
vibrational work that moves us a little bit at a time towards our
vision. (inching my way there I tell ya, I'm like an inchworm over here).

I'm beginning to understand the law of
attraction, I'm likely to be a student of this Universal Law for the
remainder of my life, (happily). Im beginning to consciously apply
the law by thinking about something and talking about something until
it becomes my life experience. I'm recognizing and directing myself
into alignment consistently throughout daily life. I try to wait
until I am in alignment before I take any action. I am understanding
the concept of vibrationally moving myself into alignment with my
manifestations. When I feel the knowingness throughout me- it must

Everything we seek is because we
believe it will make us feel better. So, the trick is to find the
feeling then the thing must come (but then ironically we often don't
even want that thing afterwards, we've already achieved the feeling
we thought the thing would bring us).

Here's to all our vibrational inchworming!  I will keep trying to give back the inspiration I receive from all of you.  With love and light,


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