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Sometimes it is invaluable to hear what others have
personally experienced in sessions; as well as what's said
about Rheana in determining whether a session can be
helpful for you too. Here are some personal testimonials
about the Holistic Healing I provide.
I never realized how much I had removed myself from life until I started working with Rheana. I had day by day and year by
year closed my heart and energy centers off more and more until there seemed to be no perspective to make it better on my
own. Now I see and feel people around me again. Nature, life, and my heart center are available again. Thank you Rheana
- Matt Hoskins
Thanks to Rheana, I learned how Reiki could be used to provide therapy for both an ailing body and an emotionally-stressed
mind. I was a little uncertain about what to expect at first, but gave it a try, mostly for some tightness and pain in my shoulder
and in my hip flexors. I can say that the combination of Reiki and some special stretching she showed me have essentially
eliminated the physical problems that were plaguing me for months.

As opposed to more conventional, manipulative massage techniques, Reiki is a more subtle approach to body healing. Rheana
is very open about what Reiki Therapy means to her, and how it works differently in different people, depending on the
particular connection that develops. I notice a general sense of relaxation, not only physically but also emotionally. The
physical part feels like slow surges of warmth moving from an area that is being worked.

Rheana directs the energy flow away from the problem area and out of the body. An unexpected benefit that I discovered is the
emotional relaxation that accompanies the physical relief. I have entered several session with my mind racing, since I often go in
the middle of the work day. By the end, I have let go of the negative emotions that can also hurt the body. I will not hesitate to
seek Reiki Therapy from her again if I develop more muscular/joint ailments.
- Bob Keller