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I set up the environment much like a Massage Therapist. The room is a quiet, comfortable, a safe container for healing, private, and may have soft music playing in the background. I have a comfy Reiki table (a massage table without the endplate, allowing room for the Reiki Therapist's knees to go under the table) in the middle of the room. I typically start with taking a moment to check in with the client, gain a Holistic understanding of what's occurring for the individual, what her or his needs are, and verbalize an intention or clear description of what she/he wants to get out of the session. more about Reiki Sessions


I am an attuned, Reiki Master and Divine White Light Healer.  I am dedicated to bringing the Healing Energy to each person who desires it. This website has been created to help educate and offer Healings to you, your loved ones, and your pets. complete Biography

Divine White Light Healing

Divine White Light Healing is to target an energy block in one's energyfield and dispose of it into the earth to be recycled, combining talk therapy and energy healing. The Divine White Light Energy is very powerful and the block is removed within 3 hour treatments. Sometimes it goes over the hour, I simply wait until the energy comes to a natural still-point and on the third and final session, there is a completion of the removal. more Divine White Light Healing

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How did you learn Reiki?
My Reiki Masters are Martin Adler, founder of Inner Self Discovery Tranining, and Lisa Guyman, 
founder of Inner Sanctum. Martin and Lisa are both great mentors. more About Us FAQ



When I had my first session with Rheana, I had been suffering from severe anxiety disorder since I was a little girl. (I'm 42 yrs old now). I had been on the prescription drug " Paxil" for over 10 years. I used to experience panic attacks on a regular basis, especially in public places, such as in public transportation, grocery stores and so on. I was miserable, and these symptoms made my social life very difficult. So I decided to get Rheana's help. I didn't feel the effect of the sessions immediately, but I have to mention one incident that proved that she's a real healer. more Testimonials

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Rheana Jackson B.A., R.M.T.
Reiki Master - Divine White Light Healer - Intuitive - Empath