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I am an attuned, Reiki Master and Divine White Light Healer.  I am dedicated to bringing the Healing Energy to each person who desires it. This website has been created to help educate and offer Healings to you, your loved ones, and your pets.


My life purpose is to help heal as many people and animals as I can while I am here on the planet.  Reiki energy transcends time and space, therefore a remote treatment can be successfully sent to you.  This Healing always addresses the core of any problem. It is an all-natural, holistic,compassionate, gentle, and sensitive approach to healing your body, mind, and soul.


As a Holistic therapist I  believe and support the knowledge that every individual has the power to 
heal herself or himself.  As the Reiki  Therapist I act as a vessel to allow the healing energy to flow 
through into your body, it is up to you how you absorb, process, and use that energy.  I am here to 
help guide the energy and help you identify what resources lie within you.  You have the power to 
heal yourself.


I will assist in the strengthening of your mind-body connection. This self-understanding process actively engages the client in the healing process. I may suggest stretches, visualizations, exercises, or self-reflection to do after the session to continue engaging your attention to the issue which strengthens the mind-body relationship and empowers you.


I am interested in teaching you what your resources are. This includes internal resources and 
external resources that can be used to maintain your health. Some resources will be referrals for
other health care providers. I will help you learn to recognize when you are out of balance, simply 
bring curiosity to it without judgment, and choose the choice that creates balance. You have the
power to heal yourself, sometimes it is simply necessary to be more aware of your body in order to 
do so.


My therapy practice is professional, focuses on the mind-body connection, and searches for the
core of any problem. I am empathetic, lighthearted, and compassionate toward my clients. I want 
to help you feel good in your body and comfortable in your own skin. My commitment is to do my 
best to stay in balance and create a safe environment to provide the best health care I am capable 
of offering.


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Rheana Jackson B.A., R.M.T.
Reiki Master - Divine White Light Healer - Intuitive - Empath