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Reiki Classes


Please call us for information on upcoming private and public classes.

(303) 545-9823

Pricing and Payment:

  • $1000 / Reiki I     
  • $1500 / Reiki II    
  • $2000 / Advanced Symbols   
  • $2500 / Reiki III Master


Class Information:

The next Reiki I class is on November 5-6, 2022.

RSVP & $100 to hold your seat two weeks prior to the Class Date.

Reiki I Classes are two days, 10-3 each day.
Advanced Symbols and Master classes are scheduled annually and on request.

There are two policies:
Please honor my time by giving me 24 hours notice for any cancellation at my Office
(in order for me to have time to fill that opening).
Please make cancellations by phone, I often miss them via email.
Please be aware if I do not contact you within 48 hours there may be a problem with the answering 
or email system, please call me again. Also, it is possible I may be on vacation (and will indicate the 
vacation dates on the voicemail), hence I shall call when I return from vacation.

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Rheana Jackson B.A., R.M.T.
Reiki Master - Divine White Light Healer - Intuitive - Empath