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Rheana's Book

"How Not to Comply and Lose Yourself in the Intimate Relationship"

I'm writing my first book! That officially makes me an author now, huh?

Click here to read some book excerpts>>>

Of course it's about healing, but more specifically how not to comply and lose yourself in your intimate relationship, how to heal heartbreak, and how to achieve a fulfilling and conscious-loving relationship.

The book I'm writing is interactive style, it guides you to write out your non-negotiables, understand how to recognize a deal breaker, see each other's soft spots and how they tie to the core family of origin wound from childhood, how to heal heartbreak and get unstuck, what the difference between comply and compromise is, it teaches you how to do active listening with your partner, and how to reach true compromise as a couple. It includes a sexual word find puzzle, a meditation, and an empowerment decree to actively engage you in the process of discovering your deepest desires in relationship. Of course it's got some sexy writing in it too, for frills and sexual thrills!

This is a powerful book that is semi-workbook style to guide you through the difficult terrain of understanding the unconscious dynamics of heartbreak, how it ties to your childhood wounding, and thus how to heal yourself through deeper understanding. The book includes a perforated tear-out page for you to list out your non-negotiables, how to identify if you have a deal breaker before you get married, and how to reach true compromise when you have a disagreement. It includes an empowerment meditation, depth of integration of emotional healing, and how to achieve a truly consciously-loving partnership.

I'm currently collaborating with musicians that will contribute songs that relate to the chapters as well as visual artists that capture the visuals of relationship manifest, and I will do the audio reading version of the meditation myself - my cute little voice guiding you on a journey. This masterpiece is something else - fun, sexy, spiritual, and interactive!

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Rheana Jackson B.A., R.M.T.
Reiki Master - Divine White Light Healer - Intuitive - Empath