Our Services:

Weekly, biweekly, monthly, move-in, move-out, one time, and spring cleans.

do not offer construction cleanup, office, or corporate space cleans--
Although we have wonderful referrals if you need this:
Connie Perez at Immanuelcleaning.com--Post-Construction Cleans:  303.257.7658
Dan Gagliardi for Commercial Cleaning:  720.276.2183    Tell 'em Rheana sent you!

I am building this site to teach those new to housecleaning what to look for and
expect in a great cleaning service. I also want to persuade those with
unsatisfactory previous cleaning services to join our clientele.  Let me assure
you, we are operating a tip-top operation without the problems of other

It can be an uneasy process to offer your home over to a stranger for the first time.
Questions flood your mind, "How does this work?  What do I expect? How much is it"?

I will outline the ins and outs of the beautiful industry of residential cleaning. I will take your
hand and lead you on a virtual tour of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  There are always
those things you don't  know about an industry unless you work in it.  I will teach you about
those things.

Ok, Let's get down to the nitty gritty

As a client you are looking for:
Dependable, thorough, and professional housecleaning
A price to meet your budget
Someone you can trust in your home
Someone that handles your belongings with care
Consistent cleaning each time
Someone you can have a comfortable repoire
Someone who considers your feedback

We are here to meet all those needs! We listen to your feedback and learn from it!
We make this a success together. Talk to us and help us understand how to make it perfect for you!

We come equipped with all the supplies when we arrive.
We order and use earth-friendly products from TheCleanTeam.com or from the grocery stores.
Nowadays, it is wonderful to see that earth-friendly lines such as Method and Green Works are at every
grocery store too...just 5 years ago, these eco-products were hard to find.
Our kit consists of:  Vinegar-water used on wood floors or tiles.  Soap and water is used on granite or
marble. Blue Juice and Red Juice is the earth-friendly windex and degreaser. Bon Ami is our abrasive.
Shower cleaner used for the tubs and showers, a mop and vacuum with an attachment hose for the
We come to each home fully supplied.  If you want specific products used in your home, let us know,
keep it under the kitchen sink (or tell us where to find it)  and we will note in your notes section and use it
each time. Some people like specific products such as Murphy's Oil, Oven Cleaner, or wood polishes
used in their home, if you have specific requests for products, be sure to inform us.  We will note this for
your home on our calendar so the cleaner knows where to find the products and to use them each time.

In our initial discussion we will help you understand what is included, answer all your questions, give you
a quote and discuss any provisions you need such as meeting a specific budget , using your specific
supplies, or skipping parts of the house, and where the dog can be while we clean.

The most common complaints I hear people have from their past cleaning companies:
  1. They are not thorough
  2. They do great the first clean, then the quality wains off
  3. They break things
  4. They do not arrive on-time- are very unreliable
  5. The cleaner just disappears and never is to be seen again
  6. They use harsh chemicals

We have learned what the problems are in the industry and avert them with our company.
Most of the problems are a result of the company growing too fast, being greedy, or being unorganized.
The corporate businesses often force the cleaners to clean 5 houses in a day, the faster they finish the
more commission they make.  No one can do a quality job under such circumstances and rushing
makes someone less careful with what's right in front of them, causing more breakage. The focus is on
the money instead of providing a great service.

What we do to avert problems other companies have:

The cleaners are scheduled two homes to clean per day, allowing ample time to be thorough and
careful.We use a checklist to double check our work to ensure it is thorough every time.
We have a 24-hour free re-clean policy, which ensures you are satisfied.
We encourage feedback from all our clients.
We are driven by integrity and truly want to do a good job in each home.
We have a very organized schedule on a yahoo calendar that makes us reliable, timely, and organized
with specific notes for each client that outlines specific needs for each home.
We are a stable part of the community with 10 years experience and counting.
We use earth-friendly products.

We schedule all first time cleans, one-time cleans, spring cleans, move-outs, and move-ins on an hourly
rate. I can give you an estimate of that cost after getting a few answers, mostly square footage and the
traffic (number of animals and people) in the home.  The full questionnaire is on the "contact us" tab.  Fill
it out, we will get a free quote to you.
If you want regular cleaning, either weekly, biweekly, or monthly (we do not schedule every 3 weeks) then
we give you a set rate based on the average time it will take to clean the home each time.

We accept checks, cash, or credit payments for the cleanings.  If you are a regular client we ask you to set
up automatic recurring bill payments to the company.  This cuts down on missed payments and keeps
my business flowing well. Always mail the payment to the office, do not leave it for a cleaner.  I don't want
it to get lost in the exchange of hands so it is always best to send it directly to my office.

As professional cleaners we strive to be as efficient as we can to respect your budget and do a quality job
at the same time. Many tricks of the trade are taught to our cleaners to make us more efficient such as
moving in a circular motion around the room, cleaning top-down, using our apron with the supplies
looped on as you go, and winding the vacuum cord last after the walk-through.   For regular cleanings,
many of the shower tiles don't even have a splash of water on them at times, with such cases observe
the adage,  "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

We take security very serious.  We like for you to have control of your key at all times so we access the
home by two means.  Either by a garage code or a real estate lockbox in which you set the code and tell
us.  You can purchase the lockbox from Home Depot or Lowes for about $30.  The lockbox and the
garage codes can  be changed during the time the cleaners are not scheduled to be there, always
leaving you, the client, in control of your homes security. This is the most secure way to ensure your
home is safe.  Plus a couple times our clients have been locked out themselves and use the lockbox, or
have been delayed from a vacation and they were able to allow the neighbor to access the home to water
the plants, etc.--all because that lockbox was there.  It's a nice backup for you.
We also teach all our staff to double check the door upon locking it, just to make sure.  We also will close
any open doors or windows before leaving the home. Mom always said, "it's better safe than sorry".

Every business in operation, at some point has something go wrong.  What matters is how the company
addresses it and makes it right.  If we miss something we will make it right.  If we do, it is honestly an
accident and we want to correct it.  We  have the 24-hour guarantee on every cleaning. Call us within 24-
hours of the clean, and we come back to clean what was missed free of charge.  All aspects are covered
this way, we know right away (if you don't tell us there is no way we will ever know); and we fix it right
away. Win-Win.

In my experience, the toughest aspects of running a cleaning business are:
1. First Time Cleans or One-Time Cleans-
This is where the most education is needed about the industry.  People are often unaware of all the
detailing involved to get the house all up to par initially.  Obviously everyone wants the house cleaned at
the least expensive price, but also receive a high quality cleaning.  Each house is different and an
estimated timeframe is given for how long it takes on average, but there are times that once you get into
the clean, you find so many detailing needs that take longer than expected.

A. There are two ways to approach a First Time Clean or One-Time Clean:
 The best way is to do it  RIGHT  the first time-- a thorough, deep clean from top to bottom.  Then every
clean following that will be maintaining that original clean.

II. Meet the client's budget by prioritizing what is needed most then coming back for detailing items such
as baseboards, windowseals, windows, walls, and light fixtures later with any leftover time.

The problem is many people have blinders on to the detailing that is needed in the house to get it all up
to par. Therefore it can take longer and cost more than they anticipate.  You grow accustom to not flipping
those blinds over and not seeing the dust buildup.  You forget those windowseals, baseboards, and
doorframes are even there, much less notice the dust build-up on them.  Those six-part partition doors
have a layer of dust or stuck on hairspray that takes time to scrub off.  Also the grease built up on the
walls of the kitchen or around the knobs take time to scrub. These things all add up.  Essentially, what we
do to try to resolve this is to take the client on a virtual tour of what is needed to explain why it is taking
longer than the average time-frame that the quote is based on.

2. Employee Turnover-
Many Americans would rather sit behind a desk and do mental work for 8 hours a day than physical
work.  It takes a special breed to enjoy being physical, active and enjoy cleaning.  As you do a survey of 10
friends, how many say they actually enjoy housecleaning?  Right!  So, I do a few things to try to keep this
from being an issue.  I try to assign my long-standing employees to the client's homes that request the
same cleaner every time, but most client's don't care unless it is a quality job each time. Secondly, I pay a
higher starting rate to my employees than all the other cleaning companies in Colorado. Thirdly, I make it
an enjoyable company to work for; a company you can have pride in working for.  We have fun while also
providing great service!

Earth-Friendly Products
Guaranteed thoroughly detailed clean
Over 10 years experience
Call for a free estimate, it only takes a few minutes over the phone.
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