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During the attunement process, the aura of the Master and student are
joined. During the few moments that the auras merge the Reiki guides
use the energy to lift negative karma from the person receiving the
attunement and Reiki degree. The Master doing the process receives
what the student released through her own aura and grounds it; she is
usually totally unaware of this. The Raku at the ending of the attunement
separates the auras.

Reiki is nurturing; its like Angels gathered around you sending healing
energy to you. "Reiki feels like unconditional love running through your
veins, like a warm blanket, surrounding you in peace and light. It feels
very natural, almost like a sense of coming home, feeling safe and
welcomed. A feeling that you are right where you need to be at this
precise moment. Reiki energy is very present in the here and now and
centers us to be in the present-- to be human beings, not human doings",
as Andrea E. Mincsak, Reiki Master says. (

Sometimes when you are sick or have chronic pain you get very serious,
heavy, and fatigued.  Reiki lightens the load.  You literally feel lighter after
a session.  It truly is as simple as having one session to make your body
feel better and perceive the world around you in more harmony.
Reiki works wonders on menstrual cramps.  At times an underlying
energy pattern exits in the sexual organs which causes repetitive
menstrual problems.  This can be identified and corrected.  I am living
proof of this.  I used to double-over with painful cramps.  Now I only
have mild symptoms.  Along with Reiki the other resource I used was
PMS Self Help Book by Susan M. Lark, M.D.
I have experienced many forms of bodywork.  Reiki is the only one that
consistently has a profound impact on me mentally and emotionally,
creating a calm, harmonized, and tranquil experience.
One benefit to Reiki that I particularly like is the ability to do self healings.  
I can lay hands on myself anytime and anywhere.  I can also do a full
treatment on myself by sending it by way of the long distance method.  
This way I can lay comfortably and use an inanimate object to represent
my body for the full treatment.