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Since I was nine years old I knew I wanted to help
people. I cared very deeply for people and had an
intuitive gift of feeling what people's concerns were.
I knew what and when things needed to be said to
give them the wisdom and support to assist them
through their struggle. As I grew up I began the
study of Psychology. I studied two years in
Arkadelphia (HSU), and close to two years in Little
Rock (UALR), when I realized traditional
psychology does not recognize and take into
account the spirit of the individual. It is then I
decided to transfer to a Buddhist founded
psychology program at Naropa University where
the individual is viewed holistically.
I thought that I would graduate to become a
Psychotherapist but this changed when I began
experiencing the body awareness that comes
through meditation practice. It became obvious that
the surfacing past trauma I was facing in meditation
and therapy was energy stored in my body. The
energy needed a physical expression in order to
truly heal. It takes a great deal of courage to look at
yourself honestly and heal old wounds. I trusted
and knew from my experience of meditation that all
things that internally arise will eventually dissipate,
giving me the courage to heal my past. Reiki
facilitated a body experience of calmness, serenity,
trust, and deep relaxation. After my personal
healing work was complete I knew my life work
was to help other's heal with Reiki. To address my
client's mental and emotional wellness as well as
their bodies wellness through energywork. I knew
Reiki was to be my life work.

I know from personal experience it is possible to
befriend every aspect within oneself, to heal
ailments, and to achieve a state of self-love with
self-appreciation. I want to share this with others
now. I strive to be the Therapist that teaches by
example; the one that walks the talk.