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I have learned the importance of humor, integrity, and
loving-kindness towards oneself. These cultivate some of
the best feelings about oneself that exist in the human
experience. I bring them into the healing work and
encourage my clients to cultivate these qualities. Each of us
can learn how to treat ourselves with loving-kindness and
deserves to let go of the outdated punitive self-treatment. It
is not necessary to be judgmental and harsh on ourselves
and it often creates an ugly feedback loop that constantly
bombards us with an idea that there is something
fundamentally wrong with us. The real problem is that we
often aren't even aware of how we internally beat up on
ourselves. Reiki brings awareness to what we already do
to ourselves and how we are already holding our bodies so
that we can notice it and change it. Reiki harmonizes the
conscious and unconscious in a loving, gentle,
non-judgmental way. We all deserve this.
I have learned through my healing to trust my own wisdom above anyone else's. I am the only one
that knows what's best for me. I am the only one that has the power to do what's necessary to
keep my body in health and balance. I honor this in each of my clients too. I will give suggestions
and encourage them to follow through with what they know is best for them, but try to never push
my will on them.

I strive to bring presence of mind to each session. This is the highest valued quality I look for in any
therapist or bodyworker I may choose to work with. Therefore, it is this quality I want to bring to
each and every session for my clients. Often some of the deepest healing occurs in knowing you are
truly heard by another person and in knowing a person is able to create the space for any emotion
that may arise. I recall my therapist being able to sit very calm as my anger and hatred arose, it was
very healing to know I could have any experience of my intense emotions without fearing I'd cause
a reaction in the therapist. To know that it was absolutely okay to have any emotion of the human

I know I have a gift and want deeply to share it with as many people as I am capable, so that I can
facilitate others towards manifesting their gifts. I want everyone to be able to experience the health
and beauty of their being. I want everyone to feel the beauty of the world around them. It is time
that we all recognize the importance of putting our bodies needs as priority because this is what
determines how we manifest in and experience life.