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I will assist in the strengthening of your mind-body connection. This self-understanding process actively engages the client in the healing process. I may suggest stretches, visualizations, exercises, or self-reflection to do after the session to continue engaging your attention to the issue which strengthens the mind-body relationship and empowers you.

Channeling the Universal Life Energy in and out of one's body can heal a problem because the entire universe including the physical body is made of energy. All the processes of the body, chemical, physical, or emotional occur by energy impulses.  When you look closely at matter, it is clear that we are all intricate energy systems.

Matter has mass and takes up space.  Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter, (and cannot be chemically subdivided by ordinary means).  Atoms are composed of three type of particles: electrons, protons,  and neutrons.  Both the protons and neutrons reside in the nucleus.  Protons and neutrons are responsible for the most of the atomic mass.  Protons have a positive (+) charge, neutrons have no charge--they are neutral.  And electrons which reside in orbitals around the nucleus have a negative charge (-).  The number of protons in an element is constant but neutron number may vary, so mass number may vary.  The movement and mass of the atom  determines a  frequency of energy. The Universe as well as our physical bodies are made of various energies from very subtle and undetectable, to very dense physical forms.

Atoms make up the cells of the body.
The cell is the basic structure of all body systems, organs, and tissues.
The cells move because of the atoms.
The body moves because of the cells.

The bodies energy is transmitted by electrical impulses through all body parts like the organs, muscles, nerves, body fluids, etc.

Muscles contract because their cells contract.  All the muscles of the body get signals in form of electric impulses and thereby mechanical motion is generated in that limb. The liver produces its important enzymes in its cells, and endocrine glands manufacture their hormones in endocrine cells.  The body is a highly intelligent network of energy impulses.

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