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Nerves transmit impulses when their nerve cells are sparked into action. The Nervous System is a
network of impulses through motor and sensory nerves. It is a versatile communication system which
connects all cells, tissues, and organs with each other and the brain. All the nervous signals constitute
electric current impulses generated in the nervous system produced and carried on by the ions. The
nerve, sometimes called the fine-transmission line can carry the impulse at the speed of about 100
meters per second. The body fluids contain numerous ions like Sodium, Potassium, Phosphoric, and
Chloride. The motion of
body fluids then means motion of these ions which means electric current is
present due to the motion of these ions.

The organs of the human body perform specialized functions allotted to them and in strict accordance
with the laws of the nature. All these
organs produce magnetic fields which vary in the intensity and
the type of activity. These magnetic fields are now known to be produced by different organs of the
body by electric currents due to Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride ions generated in the process of
contraction or signal transmission of the tissues. Many Medical Doctors utilize machines that measure
these magnetic fields. The heart produces electrical impulses which are measured in the electro-
encephalogram (EEG) or in the electro-cardiograph (ECG) for assessing the proper functioning of the
heart and blood vessels.

Western consciousness is still trying to integrate the knowledge that Quantum Physicists have proven
and continue to prove about the energy world in which we reside.  There is always more to learn
about the energy of our bodies and our ability to influence it  with our intention. Energy follows
intention.  A simple example of this is when my arm rises as I think to pick up an object.  Of course,
the ability to harness the directing of one's energy determines the outcome.

  • Reiki works for the highest good of all.
  • Reiki "un-blocks" any and all impediments between what is organic and that which is "the
    original source of its life".
  • Reiki transcends time and distance to heal and un-block impediments within one's past,
    present, and future.
  • Reiki shifts the soul's emphasis from unwanted habits, in the benefit of fostering the achievement
    of one's personal goals.