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How does the Reiki affect an unborn child in utero?
The baby as well as the mother will experience the positive effects of Reiki and the aura is filled with
the loving energy and raises the vibration of the mother and the child leaveing both in a higher state of
health. Generally, it is very gentle, soothing, relaxing, and peaceful for both. Of course if the mother is
dealing with emotionally charged issues, the child will feel those. The Reiki helps her resolve those
issues and creates more peace for the child.

How do you know when to move to a different hand position?
Often the energy transfer begins to recede or come to a still-point. I mainly follow my inner guidance
and listen to the energy of your body in determining it. Any amount of time can be set for a treatment,
on average I offer 30 min, 60 min, and 90 min treatments, although they can run over at times
especially with more chronic issues as we await for the natural energy still-point. I ask my clients to
allow an extra 30 minutes for scheduling, this allows for the extra time needed for that and for
grounding and integration before you leave.

Is it like "getting into my head"?
No. Reiki and Divine White Light Healing always works for the highest good of all. A Reiki
Practitioner or Energy Healer must have your permission before doing Reiki or a healing on you.
Universal Law states no one has the right to interfere with free will. That is what gives prayer  its
power, you are asking for the help so God, Angels, Archangels, your ancestors or whomever you call
on to help is then given permission and can move mountains to help you achieve your prayer requests.

Can you read my thoughts?
No, and not interested in having that gift. I don't read thoughts but I do read energies, meaning that I
will sense emotional states, energy blocks, belief systems, or problem areas energetically.

What is an Attunement?
During the attunement process, the aura of the Master and student are joined. During the few
moments that the auras merge the Reiki guides use the energy to lift negative karma from the person
receiving the attunement and the Reiki degree. The teacher doing the process receives what is
released through her own aura and grounds it; she is usually totally unaware of this. The Raku at the
ending of the attunement separates the auras.

Are you a vegetarian?
No. I love hot meat! I have a belief system much like the Native Americans when it comes to killing
animals for food. I honor the animal for giving its life to sustain mine.

How does a long distance healing work?
In level two Reiki, one receives the attunement for the long distance symbol. This Power symbol
allows the Reiki Healer to contact and send Reiki to any individual around the world. This Power
symbol connects the Reiki Therapist's energyfield with that of the client no matter what the distance.
Then the Reiki Therapist can send Reiki to the client. Sometimes a stuffed animal or a pillow is used
to represent the client’s body for the therapist to place hands during the course of the hour treatment.