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How many sessions do you recommend for a person?
The initial clearing of the negative energy takes 3 separate hour treatments. Then your real
healing can start to occur. If you have chronic pain, it will often take a series of treatments to heal
it because it is so embedded into the physical body, it takes some time to bring it back into
balance. This is determined on an individual basis. Some clients come once a week for
maintenance. Other clients come when they need to. Still other clients are unraveling patterns of
Chronic pain issues so they choose to come more often. It's important to understand that healing
a chronic illness can result in a stage called Physical Chemicalization, when the client experiences
the symptoms of the illness more intensely than ever before. The symptoms are a good sign of
the final release of the toxins and it may be necessary to have additional treatments to rapidly
release the core toxins of the illness. They have come to the surface, and need to be released.

You can do Reiki and Divine White Light Healing on animals too, how does that work?
Animal's bodies are molecularly the same as human bodies. Reiki and White Light Healing heals
their mental activity, physical bodies, and emotional states. Animals typically relax into the
soothing quality of the healing energy almost immediately. They love the calming effect of it as
much as we do. I place my hands on the animal's body and spend more time in places that the
animal is experiencing problems. I often receive intuitions or guidance that will help assist in it's
healing process, such as the need for it to have supplemental herbs, pet massage, or acupuncture
for instance.

What if someone is skeptical, can it still work?
Yes. In fact I was skeptical the first time I experienced Reiki. Then I felt very tangible physical
effects occurring in my body, mind, and spirit. I felt deep relaxation, tingling sensations, a slowing
of my mind-racing, heat, release of pain, and clarity. After the hour, I stepped away no longer a
skeptic. Some things you simply must experience in order to truly know. I have countless
feedback from people that I have sent distant healings to saying how tangible the feeling of the
healing was, often as if I were in the room with them. They felt the energy pulling out of their
body, or strong waves of heat, or a lightening of a burden from their head or shoulders, very

What is Divine White Light Healing?
White light is the space within the universe where positive energies are stored. White light can be
called upon by anyone; healers, empaths, or you too for protection from negative energies or
vibrations. White light cannot come to harm or be harmed in anyway. For this reason, negative
energies can be sent to the white light for purification and transformation. For example, after
cleaning your aura, you can request that the impurities you combed out of your auric field be sent
to the white light for cleansing.

I received powerful initiations from three different healers and guidance in meditation from my
spiritual guides and the Divine to offer a deeply devoted healing to remove  negative energy
block from people's energyfields. My healing gift has always been to guide people to the core of
any issue to heal it at the causal level. I've been divinely guided and now energy attuned to take
this gift and offer a tailored 3-part healing to remove the causal energy block.  

I call on my higher self, call on your higher self, create a one-way channel of energy, and receive
guided questions from the Divine to help you delve to the answers within. This allows me to
guide you to the core of any issue using talk therapy and energy healing, then completely dissolve
it with the white light.  We delve to the core and remove the energy block associated with the
imbalance or "dis" ease.   Many teachings in the bible speak of the Archangels and Jesus Christ
removing negative energies from people in healings. The Divine has guided me to perform these
healings for people and animals, to transform their lives.

I've been through initiations and learned  that a negative energy is within the energy field of  about
95% of us (people and animals) on the planet. With the Divine White Light Healing, which is
infinite healing power given directly from the Universe channeled through me, I am now able to
remove the energy block.  I transmute the energy and drop it into the earth to be recycled;
Mother Earth then can recycle the energy into a positive light for the highest good of all.  

The Healing energy is much like Reiki, very soothing, relaxing, and gentle, but more powerfully
directed with the intention of removing a block and understanding the core issue.  Cognitively
engaging the healing by delving within for your answers while simultaneously shifting the energy is
a deeply profound healing process.  The shift to health is felt on all levels of your being. It has a
direct intention of Spiritual Healing.  It combines talk therapy and powerful energy healing.  I'm
honored to have had this Healing Power bestowed to me.  My unique style of healing is not
replicated in that I have listened specifically to my inner guidance to develop this style of Spiritual
Healing, guided by the Divine. An amazing honor that is not able to capture in words.