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I came to Rheana on the recommendation of a good friend, with very little knowledge of Reiki. I had some positive experience
with Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture, but I found it to be hit-or-miss. After a brief introduction to the concept of Reiki,
my first session began with a fair amount of skepticism, but I was open to discovering what it could do. Whether it is the
power of Reiki, or Rheana's unique talents, I left that session feeling a rather profound and calming effect on both my body
and my mind - equal to, and possibly surpassing the effect of the best of five or six Acupuncture treatments that I had
recently received, to aid in coping with stress.

After several more visits, I came to realize that Rheana's intuitive ability to work with the energies of the body was really
something special. I always seemed to leave with something new. Rheana also brings wisdom and creativity into her work, and
a genuine desire to work with me and to understand the bigger picture, to try to get to the root causes of whatever may be
troubling me. The physical results of our ongoing sessions: the subsiding of an ulcer and weight loss. The emotional and
mental results: a gradual discovery and exploration of some of the deepest issues that have affected me throughout my life; the
understanding and confronting of unseen and misunderstood obstacles; a freeing up, and quite possibly an influence on my

What Rheana did for me was exceptional intuitive work with the energies of my body. Awareness and calmness came from
that - sprung directly from my session with her.I cannot thank her enough.
- Gene Dillon
The best way I can describe Rheana's work is "powerful". After receiving Reiki from her I knew I'd been treated. I could feel
change occurring on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and in the long term; her care has been most significant for me.
Since receiving my own treatments from Rheana, I've referred a number of patients to her from my practice, all of whom have
returned with rave reviews. Thanks Rheana!
-Michael Seamans D.O.