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I met Rheana Jackson quite by accident...but I am very thankful that whatever brought us together did! I have a chronic illness
called Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have flare-ups of excruciating pain up one side of my face. The pain is so intense that no pain
killer can touch it, not even morphine. I had been going off of a nerve deadening medication when I met Rheana at my health
club. I was trying to regain my health through alternative means and get off this medication that was ruining my life and making
it not worth living. Rheana and I easily struck up a conversation and she thought I should try Reiki. I had heard of Reiki but I
really had no idea what it was, I thought it was some sort of mysterious massage.

My first session with Rheana (which I went into open-minded, yet skeptical that there would be any changes) was life
changing. With her beautiful, gentle hands, Rheana moved that "bad energy" right out of my head! I was totally pain free for the
first time in five years! I still have flare-ups, yet Rheana seems to be able to pull me through my pain and get my energy back
to a pain free, positive mode. I don't know how Reiki works but it has possibilities for anyone living with chronic pain. The
other most remarkable thing about doing Reiki is Rheana, herself. There is something almost indescribably loving and healing
about her personality that makes you feel nurtured and cared for when you are with her. Being a mother, and always giving to
my children, it feels great to be nurtured by such a deep, energetically positive woman. Besides alleviating my pain, Rheana
takes me to a place of incredible peace and gratefulness. Try Reiki with Rheana, she is a wonderful young woman with a
wisdom way beyond her years.
- Tracy Rowland
I found Rheana about six months ago, after a friend she'd helped with migraines blessed me with a gift certificate for Gatekeeper
Healing. At the time, I was looking for help with depression, and even though I'd been making progress in therapy, I'd reached a
point where I needed to address the physical side of what I was going through. I was considering antidepressants at the time,
and Rheana asked me to try Reiki first, to work on integrating the mind-body connection before I resorted to medication.

Six months later, I feel great - healthier and happier than I could have imagined. For me, Reiki's been a slow and challenging
process that's included a willingness toward self-awareness, trust and growth, but one that's been incredibly rewarding. It's
helped me identify and release patterns that have plagued me for years, feel comfortable with myself and the world around me,
and find a source of happiness and peace I didn't know existed. I think I finally realized how far I'd come just the other day,
when, in thinking of the overwhelming sadness that used to characterize my earlier sessions, I realized just how much of my
time with Rheana now revolves around laughter.
- T. P.