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What a session's like
I set up the environment much like a Massage Therapist. The room is a quiet, comfortable, a safe
container for healing, private, and may have soft music playing in the background. I have a comfy
Reiki table (a massage table without the endplate, allowing room for the Reiki Therapist's knees
to go under the table) in the middle of the room.  I typically start with taking a moment to check
in with the client, gain a Holistic understanding of what's occurring for the individual, what her or
his needs are, and verbalize an intention or clear description of what she/he wants to get out of
the session.
Most people need to know whether to stay dressed or to undress as you would for a massage.
As a Reiki Therapist I do not use oils or lotions the way a Massage Therapist might. Hands-on
healing is a light touch only, so you can remain fully clothed.  Reiki is energy, therefore, it
permeates clothes.
Depending on the needs of the client and the intention set we may choose to do a Traditional
Reiki Treatment, a Divine White Light Healing Series, or an Intuitive Touch Energywork session.
Typically, I have the client start out laying face up on the Reiki table. I most often start with the
first hand position over the client's head then move towards the feet (sometimes a particular body
part or organ may need the attention first so I will start there), and I have the client turn over face
down to place hands on the back of the body. At times I stand a distance away from the body
and beam the energy. This is often when the client is releasing lots of energy and I step back to
allow the space in one's energy field to clear.

Examples of intentions set for a session:
The intention can address anything mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. Of course, some
intentions overlap but here are some general examples:

Mental: clarity, peace of mind, balance, ease with transitions, gaining confidence, stop my mind
from racing, boost creativity, or a general "tune-up".

Physical: release of pain, release of tension, breaking down muscular knots or fibrous adhesions,
or heal trauma.

Emotional: healing the loss of loved ones, emotional balancing, trust, releasing hurt from
interpersonal relationships, transforming apathy, joyfulness.

Spiritual: chakra clearing, grounding, moving stuck energy, reconnecting with spirit, inner child
healing, or protecting one's energy field from outside influence.